International Hahnemann Center Torgau e. V.

Pfarrstraße 3  ·  04860 Torgau

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Welcome to Hahnemann's House at Torgau, Germany!

Hahnemann’s House in Torgau, where Homeopathy was born, and which witnessed the publication of Organon of Medicine, urgently needs the support of the homeopathic community.
The new organization "International Hahnemannzentrum Torgau" is trying to preserve it and make it again the Center of Homeopathy. However, to make this happen, we need the support of every homeopathic soul.

Important Informations / News:

Dear patrons and friends of Hahnemann’s House in Torgau,

during the past weeks, everything seemed to happen at once in Torgau.

Beforehand, homeopathy, and therefore the International Hahnemann Center Torgau e. V., is still present in Hahnemann’s House and we will open it for visitors every day until a final ruling about our staying has been made.

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If we do not stand together, this historic homeopathic building will not remain with any homeopathic organization. Our new organization is trying hard to ensure that Hahnemann’s house remains with the homeopathic community.

We need financial support to maintain Hahnemann’s house and to make it the center of the Homeopathic learning. In this house Samuel Hahnemann lived and worked. So this house is also a monument and memorial of his work.

Please help us preserve this historical building and the birth place of homeopathy by joining the organization. The membership form is on the left column.
Your small membership fees will strenghthen our morale, and help us preserve Hahnemann’s house for the future generations of homeopaths.
Please fill the membership form and send it back to us at info@hahnemannzentrum-torgau.de.
You can also support us financially by making donations. The PayPal donation button is also at the end of the left column.
Please mail to info@hahnemannzentrum-torgau.de for more information.